A quick update from Lindsey and Sarah

Hello, AQC readers. We’ve received a lot of contact lately from people who are wondering why we aren’t posting as much right now as we have been in the past and why some of our posts are releasing later in the day than others. We’ve also gotten a couple of questions about why our Saturday Symposium posts have disappeared, and a few more about why we’ve been so slow at answering our email.

During this season of life, we are adjusting to a new normal about once a month with Sarah’s balance. Sarah is currently receiving another series of ear injections, and the side effects from those are impacting our daily schedules in a number of ways: everything from figuring out logistics with household chores to determining how many hours of sleep we can get to keeping a prayer rule to finding occasions when we can actually do something fun and enjoyable. As we continue learning how to manage this together, we are learning a lot about God and our vocation as a celibate couple…but we also find ourselves exhausted much more often than we used to.

We absolutely love blogging. Interacting with you folks through comments and emails is a huge blessing to us. We try to post something at least three times a week, but sometimes we can’t do more than two posts. Occasionally, we may take a week or two off blogging if we sense that God is asking us to rest for a bit. Now that all Christians East and West have plunged into the season of Lent, it is the ideal time to take an occasional break and use that extra time to focus on preparing ourselves for Pascha (or Easter, if you prefer). All this is to say that we will continue to post something (usually more than one thing) every week. We’ll get back to the Saturday Symposium questions when we know that we’ll have enough energy to engage with readers who respond. And we’ll continue working our way slowly through our inbox.

Much love and many hugs,

Lindsey and Sarah

7 thoughts on “A quick update from Lindsey and Sarah

  1. I blog about once a quarter so whatever you do is better than me and I’m happy. Peace and rest as you work it all out. Most of all have time to stop and admire creation. Love to you both

  2. Thanks for letting us know…hugs and prayers as you deal with the ongoing health challenges and transitions as well as enter into the “joyful season when we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed” (from my favorite Lenten preface to the Eucharistic prayer in the RC prayer books).

  3. First off I would like to say I hope both of you are progressing in life, thriving, and are happy. I love your posts but blogging most definitely comes after both of your well being.

    Second, because I don’t know where to ask this, I was wondering how the two of you deal with criticism from fellow christians who dislike or even hate you merely because your lgbt?

    Its just been getting me down lately to read what others say about being gay or lgbt and a majority of the christian opinion is gay=sinful,distorted,unworthy,not being able to be saved, etc etc
    that gay activists try to recruit young children, molest kids, are on drugs, overall negativity.
    How can dialogue in the church as a whole progress when there are so many christians who do not want lgbt in the church? When there are so many lies being perpetuated?
    Thankyou for any consideration

    • Hi MJ,

      Thanks for dropping by our comments. The last couple of weeks have had their collection of adjustments that have required our attention.

      As we reflect on your questions, a single post does not come to mind (but that’s likely a sign that we should write such a post). We do have an extensive “Being LGBT in the Church” theme on our index. Many of our posts oscillate between observing various problematic attitudes or postures and identifying concrete things that could be done.

      Thanks for dropping by, and we hope to get to your question soon.
      Lindsey and Sarah

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