Taking a week’s vacation from blogging

Hello to all our readers. Since you’re accustomed to seeing us post 3-4 times per week and we have yet to post anything at all for this week, we wanted to give you an update. We truly love engaging with you at every possible opportunity and hope to be posting again soon. The past several days have been especially hectic with Lindsey recovering from a serious tooth infection and Sarah experiencing another flare of Ménière’s symptoms. It has done us good to take some extra time to attend to these health issues as well as other life circumstances that have needed extra attention. It can be difficult to accept that in certain moments, God asks us not to do but instead to rest. And that’s where we are this week. Come Monday, we hope to be back to engaging in interesting dialogue with all of you who challenge us to live more fully into our callings. May God bless you and yours today and always.

– Lindsey and Sarah