A Queer Calling at the Gay Christian Network Conference

We have been having a phenomenal time at the Gay Christian Network conference in Portland. We relish in the time we get to spend with people here. We’d love to connect with you today in one form or another.

With over 1300 attendees, spotty internet access and temperamental cell phones, it’s been hard for us to finalize plans with people at the last minute. If we’ve missed your tweet, text, call, email or owl, please accept our apologies. We wanted to let you know how you could find us.

Visit Art Coming Out the Ears in the exhibit hall! Sarah is selling fantastic art prints. We have full-size prints, greeting cards, and postcards. The exhibit hall opens at 800. The best times to catch us in the exhibit hall are before the general session and during lunch. If you miss us in the exhibit hall or can’t join us in Portland, know Sarah’s art is also available on Etsy. Use coupon code GCNCONF to save 15% on Etsy orders over $30. The coupon code will be available for one week after the close of conference.

Attend our Celibacy in the Church workshop during workshop Session C in room C121. Our primary goal in our workshop is to help people living and discerning celibacy access quality pastoral care. Our workshop is not a theological apologetic, an attempt to convince you that you are called to celibacy, or the final word on celibacy in the church. If you want to follow along with the conversation, look for the #AQC hashtag on Twitter. We’ll be hanging out afterward to talk with folks who want to talk with us.

If you’re looking for some concrete ways to bless us today, please consider praying for us. We think it’s so important to be able to have different kinds of conversation about celibacy in the church. Sarah has also had an incredibly hard time hearing while we’ve been here. We’d love to have people fluent in ASL who can interpret our workshop. We would also appreciate some help staffing our booth in the exhibit hall, especially at 300 today.

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4 thoughts on “A Queer Calling at the Gay Christian Network Conference

  1. May the Lord be with both of you during this conference. These matters could not be more important. Some are following your conversation here on the earth, and others are following you within the Kingdom of Heaven.

    In Christian Love,


    • We’d love to see you at a future GCN conference. We honestly start planning how we’re going to go as soon as the location of the next conference is announced. This year we were able to help some of our readers network and find more affordable ways to attend the conference.

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