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Happy Saturday, Readers! Christ is risen!

We hope that the first week of the Easter season has been joyous and peace-filled for each of you. And we know that we have a lot of readers who are students, so if you’re heading into exam season, we pray that God gives you strength during this hectic time of year.

It’s time for today’s Saturday Symposium question:

How this works: It’s very simple. We ask a multi-part question related to a topic we’ve blogged about during the past week or are considering blogging about in the near future, and you, our readers, share your responses in the comments section. Feel free to be open, reflective, and vulnerable…and to challenge us. But as always, be mindful of the comment policy that ends each of our posts. Usually, we respond fairly quickly to each comment, but in order to give you time to think, come back, add more later if you want, and discuss with other readers, we will wait until after Monday to respond to comments on Saturday Symposium questions.

This week’s Saturday Symposium question: This week, we published our very first resource review. We reviewed God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines, and have been contacted by a large number of readers who are interested in engaging more deeply with our comments on this book. We are especially grateful to have been contacted by the author himself, and hope that good things will come from opening conversation. And we want to ask you: what resources on celibacy, LGBT issues, LGBT Christian issues (published or to-be-published) would you like to see us review in the future? Are there any resources that you have found especially helpful for celibate LGBT Christians? We welcome recommendations of books, videos, audio recordings, and all other types of media.

We look forward to reading your responses. If you’re concerned about having your comment publicly associated with your name, please consider using the Contact Us page to submit your comment. We can post it under a pseudonym (i.e. John says, “your comment”) or summarize your comment in our own words (i.e. One person observed…). Participating in this kind of public dialogue can be risky, and we want to do what we can to protect you even if that means we preserve your anonymity. Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah and Lindsey

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Symposium: Resource Reviews

  1. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Jeff Chu’s Does Jesus Really Love Me?, which profiles a wide swath of individuals, including one celibate gay Christian.

      • Hope your internet is less wonky now. Don’t worry about the duplicate post, Jessica. 🙂

        Normally we wait a few days before responding to Saturday Symposium comments, but since this week’s topic is straightforward I’ll go ahead and respond. We would love to review this book, and have added it to our topic queue. I bought a signed copy last year at the National Book Festival, and haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet. Now I’ll have a reason to get to it very soon. Great suggestion!


  2. I think you should review one of Melinda Selmys books. I like her writing style and I think those would be good books to review.

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