Saturday Symposium: Pastoral Care

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We were also very grateful for the opportunity to write a guest post for Morgan Guyton’s blog, Mercy Not Sacrifice. Morgan asked us if we would be interested in sharing a bit more about our relationship with his readers, so we said yes, and he published Our Journey As a Celibate LGBT Christian Couple on Wednesday. Thanks for helping us to share our story, Morgan!

Now, here’s a new “Saturday Symposium” question.

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This week’s Saturday Symposium question: This week, we published two reflections that dealt with the topic of LGBT Christians’ being perceived differently than straight Christians, either by clergy, lay people, or both. In Avoid Every Appearance of Evil? and Expectations of Perfection, we reflected on some double standards we have seen applied in the pastoral care of LGBT people and how these messages can adversely affect trust in spiritual directors and the Church itself. What do you think members of the clergy, lay ministers, and spiritual directors could do differently to ensure that the pastoral care needs of LGBT people are met adequately? What are some examples of times that church leaders have excelled in this area? If you are an LGBT Christian, what are your greatest fears and concerns about seeking pastoral care when you need it? Pastors, priests, spiritual directors, and church leaders: what are you greatest fears and concerns about providing adequate pastoral care for LGBT members of your faith communities?

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Sarah and Lindsey

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